(100% working) Pokemon Emerald EXP Cheat

Pokemon Emerald EXP Cheat

Pokemon Emerald is one of the best and the favorite game still played by many Pokemon lovers it is more popular than other Pokemon game like FireRed, LeafGreen, and Ruby

The reason behind its popularity is different, but let's drive in topic so 

You what the EXP cheat, then I will give you 100% working cheat code for Emerald 

Pokemon emerald exp cheats

What is EXP Cheat and what is the use of it?

As a cheat code make a game easy to play and it increases the interest in playing game 

The EXP Cheat is very helpful and useful for your Pokemon to increase the intelligence of your Pokemon 

After increased intelligence of Pokemon, they can evolve and become more powerful 

So this cheat help the Pokemon to evolve quickly just after entering the cheat code you can able to evolve your Pokemon from level 1 to max level


How to add the code?

Step 1. Open the emulator which users are using may it be on pc or Android for pc user open visual boy and for Android user use my boy (recommended)

Step 2. Go and open the cheat menu in your emulator 

Step 3. Click on the codebreaker option and paste the code you have downloaded from the above link (this code only work for code breaks not for GameShark)

Step 4. After pasting the code you have all done but keep in our mind that if in the status tab E is shown then the cheat is enabled if D shows then cheat is disabled 

How to actually use this cheat code 

After pasting the cheat code gives by us what you need to do is

Just go anywhere where and find random battles it may be with wild or trained Pokemon 

After beating the enemy Pokemon the magic will happen, if you have pasted the right code the EXP of your Pokemon will level up

After using the code you should disable the code 

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