Pokemon Emerald Final Rom (review)

Pokemon Emerald Final



Credit - dearman4

Available in - 2018

A version of - Pokemon Emerald 

Rom Version - v7.38 Final 

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This rom has created by dearman4, had been created using the codebase of Pokemon Emerald, so it's safe to play

Brief introduction 

There are many rom that make any pokemon game interesting and easy to play the Final Rom is one of the most demanded rom by Pokemon lovers

As the Pokemon Emerald is the most popular game, the Final Rom has its own demand in the pokemon gaming market 

The reason behind creating this rom is so simple, to play the game as simple as we can play without any cheat and all, we can get all of the necessary things like TMs, bike, and wild Pokemon modifier 

Special features 

  • Special split (physical)
  • From start, we get pre-enabled National Pokedex
  • We get an erasable move like HM
  • Day-night cycling mode 
  • We get Reusable tutors 
  • The island always spawns (Mirage)
  • We can purchase rare barriers 
  • Whole screen flashes after (flash now)
  • We get unlimited money to spend
  • Now the full game is de-capitalized
  • Daycare ability switcher
  • 386 pokemon available to catch
  • running feature enable in indoor as well as outdoor
  • From Mauville mart we can buy things like a bike
  • After entering the safari zone poke block is enabled
  • Re battle vs steven
  • Delivering letter gains experience
  • At Battle Frontier, we get a nature switching feature

How to use this Final ROM

After downloading the ROM from any source link you will have a zip in your pc or Android 

Then use any of the zip extractors which you are already using on your android of pc

After extracting you will get rom file by you can start playing the game  

I hope that this article has helped you a lot and you have downloaded the ROM file which you have need 

So know us your feedback through comments 

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