how to cut down trees in pokemon emerald

How to Cut trees in Pokemon Emerald 

Are you struggling to cut the tress in emerald and you have no idea about how you can cut this tress so I will show you some simple steps to cut those trees? 

To cut the trees in emerald your pokemon need to learn a move called HM cut 

What is Hm cut?

The Hm cut is a type of move by which Pokemon can learn, by learning this move we can overcome obstacles like trees because to this it is very useful to move

Which Pokemon can learn HM Cut in Emerald 

There are many Pokemon that can lean Hm move, nearly all types of Pokemon can learn this move may it be water, grass, bug, or other.

But in emerald Zigzagoon pokemon is one of the best pokemon to learn this move 

How to get HM Cut move?

Now I will show you step by step how you can get HM cut, so let's begin 

How to get HM CUT move (how to cut trees)

  1. Come to rustbora city (The city in which you find your first gym leader
  2. Go to the house next to the pokemon center 
  3. After going inside talk to the man standing near the table (This man will give you "HM CUT MOVE")
  4. Now you can easily cut down the little trees in town 
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I hope that this article has solved your particular queries and now you can able to implement these steps

If you have any doubts know me through comments and if you have not understood any step or point read it again 

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