How to get Fly in Pokemon Emerald? (Step by Step Guide)

Do you want to get HM Fly in Pokemon Emerald then you are welcome, I will show you step by step guide to get the Fly move 

What is Hm Fly?

This is a type of move Which can lean by various pokemon, this move is so useful for traveling from one place to another 

After traveling long from your town,  if you need to come back then this hm fly will help, 

You can just select the city in which you want to go and then the Pokemon which you have trained for Fly will take you to that city 

So I hope that what is Fly and when you can use fly 

Which Pokemon can learn Fly?

The Pokemon which can fly or type of fly Pokemon can learn the fly move, but for you, we have listed the top 5 pokemon to learn the fly move

These Pokemon are mostly recommended Pokemon, to teach fly move but you can also use different Pokemon also.

But I will recommend you use any one of those pokemon only if you do not have any pokemon from this top 5 list.

Go and catch them you can easily catch them by efforts 30 min of search

How to get Fly in emerald? Step by step 

  1. Go to fortress city beat the gym leader 
  2. Come to weather institute 
  3. Depending upon the gender of character your rivals will challenge you for battle (east too)

Ending line 

If you successfully win the battle you will receive fly the backpack

These are some simple step by which you can get fly in emerald, if you not able to win the battle,

Rebattle with full preparation, I will suggest you get fully prepared before going to the weather institute 

I hope that this article was helpful and you have got answer of your questions, if you have still doubt know in comment's, Also know how to get hm surf

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