(100%working) Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev Cheats

Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev Cheats 

The interest ROM like Theta Emerald his its own popularity in the pokemon industry, but in every game that we play a stage comes where we require a cheat code to walkthrough 

There are many cheat code available in Theta ROM like other ROM provide 

Pokemon Theta Emerald Renev Cheats

This cheat code work in Game Shark or Code Breaker type of emulator 

After pasting the code just confirm it that you have pasted is right and working and also make sure in status tab E should show 

Why cheat code may not work?

If after pasting the right code then, if it's still not working then your code is disabled so make sure that you have enabled it, then check the status tab of your code

In case you have enabled code and done all things right then if it still not work, then don't panic then that particular is disabled by the author due to any reason 

In such case we can't do any this, the thing we can do is just we can try different code, definitely one of them can work 

Theta Emerald Walkthrough walls cheat 

This cheat code is the most popular cheat code in every pokemon ROM game by which our character can walk through any obstacles faced by the character 

7881A409 E2026E0C

8E883EFF 92E9660D

Theta Emerald Max Stats cheat code

This cheat code is used in order to max stats of your Pokemon, in simple word you can make your pokemon more powerful after using the cheat code 

This cheat code will not work on Pokemon located in slots, to make use of code on any pokemon just switch them 

The stats will not disappear even the cheat will off

Max HP - 35A039FD B90C0C5B

Max Attack - 973FBE3F EDC8200D 

Max Defense - 979050AE 6F56B497

Max SP Attack - E9B89F9D C73B5749           

Max SP Defense - DBC9F375 30D76D78 

Max Speed - 35B2E18D FC573426 

Anti random battle

By this cheat code, we don't have a battle which was a rise in tall grass, cave and in other places, but trainer battle will still there, it will not stop 

B505DB41 6E39EA4E

Theta Emerald unlimited rare candy

I hope that you know what are the benefits of rare candy, it works like magic, after pasting the code go to the nearest pc, you can uncountable rare candy 


Theta Emerald Unlimited master ball cheat 

By Master ball, we can catch any pokemon without failure, after pasting the code go to the poke mart and you can buy an unlimited master ball for free

958D8046 A7151D70
8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Theta Emerald Unlimited Money Cheat 

This code help to buy anything at any cost you get unlimited money, paste the code and go poke mart then active the code after you see that money glitch check the profile and you will have unlimited money 

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5

A86CDBA5 19BA49B3


1C7B3231 B494738C

C051CCF6 975E8DA1

Theta Emerald Wild Pokemon Gender modifier 

This code help to modify the gender of any wild Pokemon from male to female 

(For Female)

7F06853C D823D089

0A694B5A 43A6964F

(For Male)

7F06853C D823D089

7980105E FC3721D0

This all Theta Emerald Renev Cheat Codes are 100% working, this code will make your game so simple and effortless, so you can enjoy the storyline of the game 

Just make sure that you will you this all code when you need don't use all of these code at a time, by this it can cause many problems like glitches and in case your game can crash

I hope that this article has solved your queries and you have got want you needed if you have any questions in your mind know me through comments 

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