Pokemon Hyper Emerald Download (100% working) v4 English

Pokemon Hyper Emerald

Download hyper rom and enjoy more than normal emerald rom and take your gaming to next level

Introduction hyper emerald 

File name - Pokemon Hyper Emerald

Inspired by - Pokemon Emerald

Vision - 2

Language - English 

Size - 8.1 Mb

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Special Features Hyper Emerald 

  • It has a collection of 800+ pokemon 
  • All Pokemon is from 1st to 7th generations 
  • Brand new Pokemon abilities 
  • Amazing new map with changes 
  • Brand new chart 
  • Within battle feature like Mega Evolution
  • Brand new event with some new items
  • Brand new move (Z Move)
  • Amazing battleground 
  • High-quality character animation 
  • Brand new fully optimized time frame 
  • Perfect working Walking Map

Brief Information 

The Pokemon Hyper Emerald inspired by Pokemon Emerald Rom is one of the Amazing Rom in the pokemon rom industry 

As the main character in-game has to explore the area and had to catch new Pokemon, In short, this is the work of the main character.

In this hyper Rom, there are many new features that make it special and unique 

Addition of Z move and in battle Mega Evolutions has become one favorite addition 

In this hyper Rom, we can able to catch almost every legendary pokemon in a different area 

Pokemon hyper Rom Walkthrough 

After the game loads, you will welcome by Big text on the screen

In this hyper Rom there are many new features along with some new Pokemon, which make this rom more interesting than Pokemon Emerald Rom

Let's come to the topic, the role of the main character, the character is performing the simple role of catching the Pokemon (especially legendary pokemon)

This role is not so simple like it sounds, it is so challenging many rivals are also want to catch those pokemon 

Battle system of hyper Rom 

The best design battle which enhances the level of game and interest, the effects used in these are really awesome 

You will experience that your competitors will become more challenging to battle and beat 

The addition of Z move will experience in battle and in real-world also.

Ending lines 

This hyper Rom is very interesting to play you should play at least one and then give your thoughts through comments 

If you face any problem related to this particular rom contact us.

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