pokemon emerald rare candy cheat codebreaker (100% working)

Are you looking for an emerald rare candy cheat for a codebreaker, then stay tuned I will give you code? 

I will give you codebreaker rare candy codes which I personally use, I assure you that it is 100% working 

Rare candy cheat for codebreaker 

82005274 0044

How to use codebreaker code 

If you did not have an idea about how to use codebreaker code then, i will try to explain in short 

You should copy the above code which is provided by us, then you should paste the code 

In the cheat menu of your emulator, this is a simple method to use the code 

Why codebreaker cheat may not work

In some case, you have seen that after pasting the right cheat code, the code not work 

In case there are two problems are arising 

1 ) spacing in code - this is the main problem why the cheat code is not working, 

To solve this problem you have to check manually

Wheater there is the uneven spacing between number in code, by this, you can easily overcome this problem 

2) code disabled - After pasting the code if you did not enable the code then it will not work 

You should enable the code in the status tab 

Uses of rare candy 

Rare candy is a magical item by which Pokemon can get unlimited pokemon 

This cand is used mainly for the evolution of Pokemon in simple clicks 

By using the above cheat code you can get unlimited rare candy and you can evolve your pokemon to max level 

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