How To Get All 3 Starters Pokemon Emerald (100% Working Trick)

Get all  starter Pokemon 

Do you want to get all of three starter pokemon in emerald, then stay with a tune I will give you the secret method to get three pokemon

How to get all three pokemon?

If you are thinking that you will abe to get all of the three pokemon at the only beginning then it is impossible

How to get all three pokemon

You can't get all three pokemon in ( Ruby and Sapphire), at only the beginning of the game you will just get 1 pokemon to get the rest of the 3 Pokemon there are 2 ways


Trading the pokemon is the best and fastest way to get all three pokemon (Torchic Mudkip and Treecko) just after starting the game

To trade any pokemon you want that pokemon should own by any of your friend and other then you can trade it

Trading is the most preferred method to get all three starter Pokemon at beginning of the game

2)Finding pokemon

Finding pokemon is also the best method to get all three pokemon quickly but it can take a little bit of time and may frustrate you

You can only use this method if trading is impossible for you, but I will prefer you to use trading method to get all three pokemon

In order to find the pokemon you have to walk through different town and different place then you can easily find those pokemon

But it can take a little time as you going to play the game you can easily find all of three pokemon

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