How to Catch Kyogre in Emerald(In fist attempt)

So don't worry, I will tell you all the secret way to catch kyogre in first time so stay with us, and I promise you that you can also catch kyogre 

About kyogre 

Kyogre is one of the legendary pokemon and which is of water type, kyogre is the main part of the weather trio along with Rayquaza and Groudon 

How to get kyogre

Kyogre has extraordinary ability such as expanding ocean, you can catch it by beating him in the main game 

Steps to catch kyogre in emerald 

  1. Beating champion and Elite four 

  1. Your pokemon must have 65+ level up 

  1. You must have stock of netballs and timer ball

  1. You must eligible for route 119(go to weather institute)

  1. After that talk to scientists 

  1. Move forward in route with Rainer conditions

  1. Then surf on water (you must surf on the dark spot)

  1. On the dark spot dive into a sea 

  1. Then you will sea entrance of cave enter in it

  1. Now surf in a cave now 

  1. Then save your game at this time 

  1. Now find the kyogre and start fighting 

  1. Fight till hp level does not appear red 

  1. After that start throwing netball back to back till 29th turn

  1. Then throw timer ball at 30 turn

These are simple 15 steps to catch kyogre 

If you fail in beating kyogre then reload the game at the time that we saved 

Then follow the same procedure and keep trying best 

Precautions while catching kyogre

Before you ready your self for catching kyogre make sure that you have defeated Elite four and Champion, if you not then go and prepare to defeat them 

Take a maximum stock of hyper Potion, as we all know hyper potion help us to increase the hp of pokemon, as the pokemon are having Max HP of just 200 HP

Also, take the stock of revives as you and take the main pokemon back, even after losing his HP

You must save the game file after interning into the cave, this will help you to reload the game if you fail in catching kyogre 

As we all know how irritating are normal poke balls at the time of catching strong or legendary pokemon the normal pokemon fails maximum time 

In such case, netball and timer ball can really useful to catch any of pokemon, not in the first attempt but it has high chances of catching any of legendary pokemon 

But you can also use a master ball to catch kyogre, but this makes the game very easy and you may lose your interest in the game,

Check out the master ball cheat code

Once after reaching route no 119 if you have difficulty in finding weather institute then I will give you the location 

Weather Institute of Fortree City is at the northwest corner 

After following the above guide you can easily catch kyogre but the last and most important thing is this 

Your pokemon must have leveled up till 65+ if it is not then I request you that level-up your pokemon first and then go to catch kyogre 

The kyogre is of 70 levels it is very difficult to beat kyogre with a normal type of pokemon 

In such case electric and grass type of pokemon create problem of kyogre 

I hope that you have liked this guide and wish you can easily catch kyogre on the first attempt only 

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