how to evolve feebas in emerald (with simple steps)

Are you looking for a complete guide for the evolution of feebas in emerald, then I assure you that I will give you complete information 

In this article, I will give you step by step complete guide on evolving feebas in just simple steps 

How to evolve feebas

There is no rocket science behind the evolving feebas it is as simple as drink water, so don't make it difficult 

How to evolve feebas 

Are you ready to know about, so yes, then you are only 6+ steps away from evolving feebas

So let's start step by step 

  1. The must-do step is beating the elite four ( which will make your journey more interesting)

  1. Make feebas part of a team 

  1. Getting as many as possible Pamtre berries

  1. Achieve 5 berries by planting berry

  1. Go to berry and bleed it into poke blocks 

  1. Till the beauty max outs feed the poke blocks of feebas 

  1. Using rare candy on feebas level up it 

These are 7 simple steps by which you can easily evolve feebas

while understanding these steps, many questions have been arising in your mind like 

What are Pamtre berries and how to get them?

It is a type of berry that was founded in generation 3rd and its main intention is to create poke blocks 

You can get Pamtre berries by talking to berry masters wife on route no 123

What is poke blocks

A colorful candy use to improve the pokemon condition is known as poke blocks, it is one of the beautiful things in the poker world 

About feebas 

It is a fish type of pokemon with brown skin, it is from generation 3rd which had abilities like swift swim which generally found on route no 119

I hope that this article had to help you and now you don't have any doubt in your mind if still have any doubt comment below 

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