Pokemon Mega Emerald x and y Download [100% working]

pokemon mega Emerald x & y

If you are interested in playing mega emerald then, you will definitely like X and Y Edition 

Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y


Rom name - X and Y

For - GBA

Inspired by - emerald 

Created by - unknown 

File size - 5+ Mb

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Special features

  • New music 

  • 6th generation starters 

  • Brand new weather 

  • Pokemon from 1st to 6th generation 

  • Brand new events

  • Legendary Pokemon from 1st to 6th (catchable)

  • Enter in approx all island

  • More title difficulty 

  • Brand new path 

  • Addition of new mysterious places 

  • Brand new attack 

  • Top-quality improvement in pokemon attack 

  • Enabled mega evolution 

Brief information 

If you are loving to play all mega edition of emerald then, you should play X & Y Edition once in you life

Another rom file has its own interesting graphics and storyline to play.

But x and y have their own interesting features like new areas, new moves, more difficult to play.

This makes this rom interesting and generates more curiosity to play 

Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Pokemon list 

  • Articuno

  • mew

  • rayquaza

  • kyogre

  • Celebi

  • Entei

  • Raikou

  • Suicune

  • Arceus

  • heat an

  • darkrai

  • cresselia

  • azelf

  • dialga and Palkia and Giratina

  • groundon

  • regice

  • registeel

  • regirock

  • latios and latias

  • deoxys

  • Jirachi

  • ho-oh and lugia

  • zapdos

  • moltres

  • mewtwo

Ending lines

I hope that this information is sufficient for you in order to make decisions to download x and y 

If you have any doubt regarding this let me know through comments 

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