how to get vaporeon in pokemon go (Secret guide)

Hey man, do you want vaporeon in pokemon go then I will tell 2 ways by which you can get vaporeon in go

As we all know that vaporeon is the 8th evolution of evee which is water-type Pokemon, In this article we will give you massively to get it

About evee

From the Kanto region, evee is 151st pokemon, and pokemon blue and red are also inset 

This set of pokemon had come in pokemon go just after the launch of the game for android and ios in 2016

How to get vaporeon

The evee is just a normal type of pokemon but do you know the thing which makes it special is evee can evolve in 8 different types of Pokemon 

List of Eevee's evolution 

  • Sylveon

  • Espeon

  • Flareon

  • Vaporeon

  • Jolteon

  • Leafeon

  • Umbreon

  • Glaceon

In this article, we are talking about Vaporeon which is one of the evolution to evee which is water-type Pokemon 

In real the evee can evolve only with a water stone, but the case in pokemon go is totally different 

In pokemon go, we have tons of method to evolve evee in-game 

But to get Vaporeon there are two methods 

  1. Naming Trick

  2. Trading

1)Naming Trick

This is one of the super-easy ways to evolve the evee in Vaporeon just after catching it by just changing the name before using candy by trainer 

If you want to evolve evee it requires 25 candy by 25 candy evee can evolve to Vaporeon 

But it will only evolve to Vaporeon if you use a naming trick if you do not use naming trick it will keep evolving randomly to 8 types, so let's find out how to do that 

Steps to using a naming trick in pokemon go

  1. On your profile page click on the pencil icon near your current name

  1. Change name of evee to Rainer

  1. Use 25 rare candy on evee, it will directly evolve to Vaporeon

These are simple 3 steps to evolve evee to Vaporeon, per evolution link this can be done 

List of name to evolve evee 

Linnea - Leafeon, (Grass-type)

Sparky - Jolteon, (Electric-type)

Rea - Glaceon, (Ice-type)

Pyro - Flareon, (Fire-type)

Tamao - Umbreon,(Dark-type)

Sakura- Espeon, (Psychic-type)

How to find evee candy in pokemon go 

The super-easy way to get evee candy In pokemon go 

  • Catching more Eevee's 

  • Evee's egg hatching 

  • Select evee as a buddy

If you set evee as a buddy you have higher chances to get candy while walking around, will traveling, etc 

If you don't like this trick stay tuned to 2nd method


The second best way by which you can get any of your favorite pokemon and you can also use this method to get Vaporeon is by Trading 

The trading is not so hard but it is not so easy, the difficulty here arises to find trader, which haveing that pokemon 

But you can easily get pokemon by this method if you like any pokemon of your friend you can request him to trade 

I hope that this article had to help you if you still have any doubt in your mind I request you to read this article again

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