How to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon (Secret way)

If you are playing pokemon sun and moon and your primary choice play is Nintendo 3DS and for any reason, you want to rest the game.

Resetting pokemon sun and moon

Then welcome to the article, in this article we are going to give you step by step, on how to rest pokemon sun and moon

There is no rocket science behind the reset process, but it is as simple as sleeping, so don't worry about that

We will explain each and everything as simple as possible, so let's drive into today's topic 

In this entire explanation, we are going to talk about soft resetting, I think that you would also be excited to know about 

How to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon 

Before moving forward you must know that pokemon sun and move make compulsion to save the file,

To rest follow these simple steps 

  1. Load pokemon sun and moon on your 3DS

  1. On the D-pad long-press X&B which will take to options of save and delete the file 

  1. Press yes on delete, now you are all done you have the rest copy successfully 

After pressing yes on delete, your previous data of the game will replace by a new data file which will completely empty 

Now this time is of the beginning of new adventure alola region 

As I promised you that I will also tell you about soft resetting, so let's begin 

Soft reset sun and moon

The soft reset a the word itself tells us how simple it is 

Soft rest as so simple all step which we are going to discuss will make it so simple, so let's move forward 

  1. Start playing the game and save the game file 

  1. At a time in-game where you want to soft reset, press L R on the emulator 

  1. Now load your saved file 

I hope that this article was helpful for you and, now you don't have any doubts in your mind about the rest 

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