Download Pokemon Resolute Version Rom [Patched]

 Pokémon Resolute  

The best brand new Pokemon resolute Rom inspired by the Pokemon Emerald, loved by Pokemon lovers

This Pokemon game is so awesome to play than Pokemon Emerald ROMso you must check it out 

Introduction of Rom

File name - Pokemon Resolute Version

Created by - 1158

Inspired by - Pokemon Emerald 

Language - English 

Version - v2.77

Special Features 

  • Brand new gym and places
  • 3 new places to explore (Sylon, Johto, and Tyron)
  • New feature (Battle Department) A place where the trainer can battle all over the world 
  • 4th to 7th generation Pokemon included 
  • Brand new titles 
  • Best demanded feature (Mega Evolutions)
  • Brand new battle background


Pokemon Resolute storyline 

This Pokemon resolute Rom has its own interesting storyline, as in this game the main character is performing the role of trainer.

The character in-game who playing the role of the trainer is named by two names Logan and few times alm.

The role of the character really interests and by which this game has become so demanded game, 

The main mission or task that character needs to perform is to train the different characters in that particular living area, the area or city where the character lives in Cedar City which is in sylon 

One day the main character who live in cedar city suddenly called by professor Avery for the emergency meeting, so Avery is the character who can only order the main character(so keep in your mind)

He will be your guide or mentor, who will help you in your entire journey in-game

New city's in resolute 

Mainly every city or place is completely new, after the game launching game you have to discover them.

As professor Avery will definitely help you to do discover the places, you need to cooperate with them by listening to him.

Which Pokemon can Mega Evolve in resolute 

Here is a list of Pokemon 

  1. Absol
  2. Ampharos
  3. Mewtwo-Y
  4. Alakazam
  5. Tyranitar
  6. Gardevoir
  7. Mawile
  8. Gengar
  9. Lucario

About the battle system 

The battle system of this entire game is amazing which will enhance the interest of gamers in the game 

At upper-level battle are presented 3d elements which had their own popularity.

Ending lines 

I hope that you have liked this article and the way that we explain it to you 

We have also given you a short storyline line of the game in our own words by which you can get an exact idea of the game 

We also shortlisted the amazing features of this game so check them, give your feedback through comments 

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