How to Fish in Emerald (Secret step)

As we all know that we can catch any type of pokemon which exists on land but it is difficult to catch water-type Pokemon In emerald 

So to catch water type of pokemon the best method is fish, by fishing, we can catch an unlimited water pokemon, with less effort 

A requirement for fishing in emerald 

To fish we only require a perfect place and also we should have a fishing rod in the back by having all this we are ready for fishing 

How to fish in emerald

But earlier in emerald the requirement was different for fishing earlier more focus with quick reflexes was most important for fishing 

Without this fishing was impossible now it has become super easy 

So let's understand step by step 

Steps for fishing in emerald 

  1. You should get a fishing rod in a backpack 

  1. Finding a perfect place for fishing 

  1. Start for fishing by selecting a fishing rod in back 

  1. keep patient and wait 

  1. After some time massage will appear pokemon is on a hook

  1. Keep pressing A on the emulator 

  1. Fight with pokemon and catch 

These are simple steps to fish in emerald, and hope that you have understood, but are going into brief, 

So don't worry if you don't understand anything 

How to find fishing rod and its type in emerald 

You must know that we can't the catch-all type of pokemon by the same type of fishing rod, we need to change fishing rod as pokemon become strong 

Types for fishing rod 

  • Old rod 

  • Good rod

  • Super rod 

You will get an old rod near Dewford Town gym from the fisherman to become eligible your pokemon must level up till 15 

You will get Good rod on route no 118 from the fisherman which is at the right side of the river to become eligible your pokemon must level up till 30 

You will get a super rod in Mossdeep City by saying at the house of the northern cliff

How to find a place for fishing in emerald 

You can easily fish in a place where the water is you can fish in small damp sea etc 

This is no specific area where fishing is not allowed you can fish anywhere in-game 

I hope that you have understood and you can now have all knowledge about fishing in emerald 

If you still have any doubt read the article again and carefully 

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