How to get hm Surf in Pokemon Emerald (Ultimate guide)

How to get a surf in emerald 

Do you want to get Hm surf in pokemon emerald then I will give you step by step guide to get hm surf.

Just make sure that you will read till the end and follow all things that I will tell you correctly 

So lest drive in today's topic

In which city we will get a surf in emerald 

In emerald to get surf we need to unlock Petalburg City then and then only you can get 

Steps to get HM surf in emerald 

To get this move you need to win the badge from Petalburg City gym, then only you become eligible to grab this move

So it is not much so difficult bet gym leader as difficult as others you can easily get this badge

How to get hm surf in emerald

To win badge some gym have various criteria such as puzzle-solving, such become difficult and time-consuming 

But to get a badge from Petalburg City gym, you have simple criteria just your Pokemon must be stronger than gym trainer pokemon 

The gym leader has the only normal type of Pokemon and you can easily finish the battle by using stronger pokemon than a trainer 

Here the gym leader is not challenging but there are many master trainers in the room who are ready to fight 

This trainer as much strength as a gym leader, but I think that a gym leader can easily beat this trainer 

Trainer in the room as follows 

  • One-Hit KO Room
  • Accuracy Room
  • Attack Room
  • Defense Room
  • Speed Room
  • Recovery Room

You and your Pokemon should be prepared to fight with those trainers 

After winning against trainer and gym leaders pokemon 

  1. Level 27 (Spinda)
  2. Level 27 (Slakoth)
  3. Level 29 (Linoone)
  4. Level 31 (Slaking)

All of these 4 pokemon is a normal type of Pokemon which can be easily defeated by any type of Pokemon 

After completing all this hard work you are ready to get him to surf 

After completing challenges in the gym and getting a badge then you need to go to wally''s house 

The wally"s house is just left to Petalburg City gym 

The wally''s family hm surf move.

All these things you need to keep in your mind before you prepare to get hm surf 

If you have any doubts please I request you to read it carefully, Also know how to get Hm Fly

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