[Download] Pokemon Altered Emerald

 Pokemon Altered Emerald 

Pokemon Altered Emerald


Rom name - Pokemon Altered Emerald

For - GBA

Inspired by - pokemon emerald 

Creator - Lucuma

Source - Pokecommunity

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Special features 

  • Completely re-design Hoenn

  • More than 400+ pokemon available to catch 

  • Brand new moves with extreme ability 

  • Now Dex is easy to complete 

  • Split physical as well as special 

Brief description of Rom

As we all know that how interesting pokemon emerald is, but it has its own limitations, to overcome this limitation 

There are thousands of ROM are available on the internet which helps us to get, best gaming experience than Pokemon Emerald 

So Pokemon Altered Emerald also comes with the same intention of providing, best game experience with less limitation 

As we can say that they almost succeed in it, they have made best rom with amazing features 

In this rom you we have every move with the ability of 7 to 1 generation, which is applicable on 386 pokemon 

Sounds awesome no, but it still has more amazing features left to discuss, so let's move Toward it 

We can do many unbelievable things like flying over the route, reuse of tms, deleting hms, updating repel system.

And many more, there are lots of features in this rom which we can't discuss here, but you can know only if you play it 

Ending line

I hope that you have liked this information and you will also download Pokemon Altered Emerald

After playing share your experience with other pokemon emeralds through comments.

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