How To Fix The White Screen On Visual Boy Advance (Quickly)

As we all know that visual boy advance is one of best emulator, There are various reasons why all of we says that this is one of best emulator, And we also recommend to our friends also 

Its features like quick save and load, inputting cheat, gameplay recording makes it more flexible to use and gives us a lot of options 

But sometime emulator faces a problem of white screen, In this article, we are going to give you step by step guide on How to fix white screen issue of your emulator 

How to fix the white screen Issue of Visual Boy Advance 

So this is the main part of this entire article you should read it carefully because I will explain you each and everything step by step 

Step1 - Open my boy advance 

Step2 - Go to Options 

Step3 - Select Emulator 

Step4 - Select save type 

Step5 - Change Flash 64K to 128K 

Step6 - Go to file and select reset 

These are simple 6 steps by which you can solve the issue of white screen 

Why you get a white screen on Visual Boy Advance

White screen problem may arise due to your VBA is not comfortable working with OS, This is only a problem why you are facing this issue 

By following all the above steps you can easily solve it, and you are ready to enjoy your game 

And also you must use the least version of Visual Boy Advance 

If you use any crack Rom then, This problem may arise, due to hack Rom contain a virus.

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How to make my Visual Boy Advance graphics and sound better

If you have fixed all problems on your emulator and you are not satisfied with video and audio quality, and still you want to make it better 

So you should do this setting to improve your emulator's graphics 

On your emulator Go to options and click on a video and set the setting to ×1 and set a sound to 44 kHz, and you will notice a sudden change in your video and audio quality 

Is Visual Boy Advance safe to use

Yes Visual Boy Advance is safe to use if you are not using the crack version of Visual Boy Advance 

If you are using the crack version then it is very difficult to say that it is safe, I recommend you to use the latest version provided by a company, to be on the safe side.

I hope that this article was helpful for you and now you have all the solutions to your problems.

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