Pokemon Yellow Cheat Codes - Gameshark Codes for Game Boy

Pokemon Yellow Cheats

Pokemon yellow is one of the best game which has its own unique storyline with lot's of amazing feature, there are thousand of pokemon yellow player

It is much similar to pokemon Red and Blue, but it has a different storyline and unique graphics which generate more curiosity towards gamer to play the game

But at a stage, the game becomes a little difficult, so many gamers demand various cheat codes to walk through the game and enjoy the game as they want

So in this article, we are going to talk only about Pokemon Yellow Cheat, I promise you that at end of the article I will you all the popular Cheats of Pokemon Yellow, which will 100% work

Pokemon Yellow Cheats

Before knowing the cheat code keep in your mind that you must use the US version of Pokemon Yellow Rom with any emulator (GBC Recommended)


You must save your game file before you apply cheat, because it may lead to various issues, be on the safe side by saving the game file, it just takes hardly 60 seconds only 

Pokemon Yellow GameShark Cheats

Master ball cheat 


Walk Through Walls cheat 


Masterball cheat 


Infinite (PP)




All badges


Anti Random Battles


Unlimited rare Candies


Infinite Money




Pokemon Level up

010526d1 = Level 5

010a26d1 = Level 10

010f26d1 = Level 15

011426D1 = level 20

011926D1 = level 25

011E26D1 = level 30

012326D1 = level 35

012826D1 = level 40

012D26D1 = level 45

013226D1 = level 50

014B26D1 = level 75

016426D1 = level 100

019626D1 = level 150

01BE26D1 = level 190

Steal Trainer's Pokemon


Meet Legendary Pokemon

014AD7CF = Articuno

0159D7CF = Dragonair

0142D7CF = Dragonite

0158D7CF = Dratini

0149D7CF = Motres

0183D7CF = Mewtwo

0115D7CF = Mew

014BD7CF = Zapdos

Pikachu surf skill





All above cheat are tested for the Yellow Rom and they will 100% work if you have followed all criteria 

Some cheat need to activate manually after pasting code like a master ball and rare candy you need to activate them, to work in your system 

You must sure that you save your game progress before applying any of the cheat code, don't use more than 2 cheats at a time 

Because the use multiple cheats at the same time your game can crash, so you must play safe by following that miner thing rightly 

How do you enter cheat codes on Pokemon Yellow

Entering a cheat code is really simple you need to just copy and paste, Just copy any of the cheat code that you want to use, then just go to the cheat's section on your emulator 

And paste the cheats, and then you can easily use cheat by activating 

So I hope this article was helpful for you and you have got all the necessary cheat of Pokemon Yellow 

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